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  • Loosened and
    Faded Lines
  • Asymmetric
    Double Eyelids
  • Excessive

Secondary double eyelid surgery is decided to various reasons including dissatisfaction with the design from primary surgery, loosened double eyelid folds, asymmetric double eyelid folds, multiple eyelid folds, sagging skin due to the age and etc. We promise you natural and satisfactory results by customized designing for each individual's characteristics.

※ Depending on the indivisual, bleeding, infection or inflammation may occure after surgeries or treatments.

02. Suitable Condition

  • 1Too High Double Eyelids (Sausage Double Eyelid)
  • 2Excessive Scarring
  • 3Mismatch or Asymmetry Eyelids
  • 4Loosened and Faded Lines
  • 5Awkward Looking Eyes

Check Point!

In the case of eye revision, more than anything it is important the precise cause analysis and that the surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon who has abundant experience, because it requires a high level of skill. We offer high satisfactory result because we perform the revision thorough accurate analysis of the cause.

03. Self-diagnosis of Revisional Double Eyelid Surgery

04. Surgery Process

  • Too High Double Eyelids (Sausage Double Eyelid) This is when the crease was designed exaggerated. It is important to rearrange the crease’s height removing the unnecessary fats and scar tissue for a natural double eyelid.

  • Excessive Scarring After Primary Surgery If there are remained tissues or skins of eyelid, we can simply cut out the scarred place. However, if the skin is not much enough, it is difficult to re-operate. But the situation may be different from what you’ve expected so it is necessary to have a consultation with medical professionals beforehand.

  • Mismatch or Asymmetry Eyelids This is when both creases were designed unequally or one got loosened causing asymmetry. Asymmetry correction is required by loosening the existing crease first, and then redesign both creases.

  • Loosened and Faded Lines This is when the crease was too thin or got loosened due to the weak fixation. The procedure is relatively simple unlike other cases. It can be corrected by natural adhesion or non-incision methods.

Personalized Care System from Consultations, Surgeries to After Cares !!

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